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Courage. Love. Adventure. Education. Leading. Grace, all grace.

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Adventuring-Trying to figure out this journey in our odd, awesome, broken place. Toward mountain peaks, picking paths, and watching our steps.

Bravehearts-Building children into bravehearts, with adult twists since our example wins. Courage and heart.

Leading-Surviving and thriving in schools and organizations and everywhere else you lead.

The Three Loves-The powerful pedagogy of loving God, loving students, and loving subject.

Education-Transformational and tested with a bent to the Bible for how we do what we do.

Disclaimer: Anything good here is because of God’s grace, the Beginning and End. We are on His journey. And He invites us to join Him.

Glimpse: Three decades plus of school leadership and serving now with TeachBeyond as Director of Global Educational Services. Blessed.

Favorite: “So, friends, every day do something that won’t compute. Love the Lord. Love the world.” Wendell Berry