Three questions a teacher should ask every day. If he or she wants to create and sustain a powerful biblical worldview in all subjects, for all grades.

  1. How will the students know I love God today?
  2. How will the students know I love the subject–the truths I give them–today?
  3. How will each student know that I love him or her?

Love God’s way. Doing what is best for the other. Unconditional. Sacrificial.
A love based on commitment and not feeling. For God, for students, and for subject.
A love that is growing in passion and knowledge for Him, for students, and for the truths I give them.

These questions are foundational to teaching all subjects deeply and with a biblical worldview that happens because of who a teacher is and is becoming. Without love, we are empty and a noisy gong.

But, with love! Nothing can stop it. As the three loves come together in the classroom where God, teacher, students, and truth meet.