I am so excited for Wesley Jones, a Christian educator in Panama. Wesley has been sharing “The Three Loves” with Christian schools.

Now, Wesley is taking the model to an international schools conference. He is presenting the idea of “The Three Loves” in a session called “The Three Loves That Make a Difference in Teaching” on April 16.

He will share how loving God, loving students, and loving your subject makes “a positive, lasting impact of eternal significance” for a broad audience.

We know the power of “The Three Loves” when they come together in a Christian school teacher’s life and work, creating biblical worldview naturally and impacting student lives. As the teacher loves like God, does what is best for students, and increases in passion and knowledge, he or she becomes a teacher who changes lives. Students learn deeply about subject and God.seminar Panama

I look forward to how “The Three Loves” will go with a mixed group.

As Wesley and I have communicated, we believe that “The Three Loves” for God, students, and subject will serve Christian teachers well anywhere, Christian or public schools.

“The Three Loves” idea is about the teacher, and how great teaching happens because of who they are. It is not a program or curriculum.

So, it should provide a foundation for impact in student lives anywhere, anytime.

Love is powerful. God’s way.

In public schools, “The Three Loves” teacher may not be able to teach biblical worldview directly and freely by using God’s Word, The Book. But, the teacher herself becomes “the book” to be read by students, and to take advantage of the opportunities that will happen because the teacher loves God, students, and subject. And, the teacher can direct students to truth, a reality of life and subject with God.

By a biblical, unconditional, committed, sacrificing love.

Love like this, that shows itself in passion and deepening knowledge, changes lives.

I think Wesley is on to something.

Not only in Christian schools where “The Three Loves” create great and deep biblical worldview, but in public schools, “The Three Loves” will touch and change lives toward Him though the believing teacher.

(Building Biblical Worldview: The Three Loves is now available in paperback and ebook from Amazon and other places. Quantity discounts are available for school leaders and teachers, write joe@rootedschools.org).