book proof

The proofs a few days ago

Thanks to those who have been following Building Biblical Worldview: The Three Loves. About a week ago, the proofs for the paperback got here. We made a few changes and have now shipped our first batch of 100 books to a conference of Christian school leaders!

God is good. The way He is using the idea of The Three Loves has surprised us, from the creation of the idea to things popping up around the world, it is Him. It is a joy to watch what He is doing and be able to be a part of. We are blessed.

Love, God’s way, works. In student lives. It was His idea. And, His example in Jesus of a love that is committed to others before self, sacrificing, and life changing. So, The Three Loves just takes His ideas and shares them.

Again, thanks for those who have been following this project. If you want to share the idea with your group, please drop me a note for some steep group discounts of the paperback to use with teachers and leaders. You can also go to

We believe that love, God’s way, makes for great teaching and learning, and changed lives. Loving God, students, and subject is powerful. We would love to help however we can.

Thanks again.