We had two Golden Retrievers. The first was named MacKenzie and she was the perfect dog.golden-retriever-164221_640

The second we named Aeowyn, from Lord of the Rings. She was crazy. If we told Aeowyn, “Good dog,” she would go wild, out of control. So we didn’t say it often.


People are starved for positive words, for affirmation that isn’t a thumbs up on social media. For someone to look at them and say, “Good job.”

Or, maybe a more fitting phrase for your situation: “Well done.” “Thank you for being here.” “You are appreciated.” “You make a difference.”


What keeps us from telling someone “Good job” today?

Perhaps we are so afraid that a compliment will be taken wrongly in our litigious society; everything seems to look like it is sexual harassment or favoritism, so we don’t say anything.

Perhaps we are afraid that a “Good job” comment will make the person think that we love everything he or she is doing, and somehow we are saying “You have no need to improve.”

Perhaps we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we don’t even think about how two words can change a life today.

Perhaps we are afraid that others will be hurt because we don’t tell everyone “Good job” at the same time.

Perhaps we don’t say it often enough, so when we do say “Good job” the overreaction is like my dog, Aeowyn.”


It is free. It is easy. It is big. It changes lives.

Let’s get over our issues and tell people, “Good job.” Expand it to specifics if you like, as in The One Minute Manager. Do whatever we need to get over what holds us back.

People need to hear it. We don’t live in a kind world. Or, a world that tells people something good and means it, with no agenda.

Wouldn’t you like for someone to say to you today, “Good job”?