Schools where great faculty growth happens consistently tend to share five common traits. These five traits help teachers grow beyond traditional “professional development” as the traits are imbedded in the soil of the school and produce fruit in the lives of faculty, year after year.

  1. Faculty Respected. Teachers are treated as adults and professionals, with much value placed on building trust and giving them choice.
  2. Growth Pursued. The culture is discontent with how things are, the conversation is about growing, and differentiation is used for maximum teacher growth.
  3. Community Active. Real, natural collaboration happens as the community supports each other and uses each person’s gifts and abilities for the others.
  4. Mission Commitment. Teachers know they are called to be a part of something big and gladly engage in growing that is focused on student learning and mission achievement.
  5. Intentional Leadership. Educational leaders discipline themselves to keep student and faculty learning as “job one” while leveraging their personal impact using qualified faculty leaders and mentors.

These five traits show up again and again in professional growth literature. And, in real life where faculty growth reaches its potential and bears fruit.

Go here for a graphic chart that summarizes these and how they are applied to “people” and “plans”for 10 specific actions. (These 10 actions are from an upcoming book, 10 Keys to Powerful Faculty Growth.)

The chart can be used now to help think about teacher growth in 2016/2017.

What else should be on it?